Trying to make the dream work 

You can dream , you can plan for that dream to come to reality! You can create pathways to make the dream happen. This dream can be endless it does not matter how big or small it is . Anything is possible . 

But is this true is anything possible ? 

Yes it is if you make it accessible you can own that dream instead of the dream owning you 

Step one 

Make a plan -know what you want & set goals . 

Step two 

Be determined – set yourself tasks every day relating to your dream . Don’t let anything stop you in your pathway 

Step three
Follow your heart your head will follow . This is true , if your unsure about a decision let your heart make it and your head will structure it into place. 

Step four 

Don’t let anyone stop you! No matter what the setback is. Just remember it’s more their problem than yours & some people don’t like some to succeed. 

Step five 

Find motivation & the passion will follow.Remind yourself why you want it and what it means to you. 

Step six 

The passion for something you love will never leave. It gets stronger! 

Step seven 

Do things your own way . Don’t do things to please others. As you can never fully please someone. 

Step eight 

Make things happen & be different. 

Step nine 

Be brave & go for new challenges. You don’t know if you don’t try. 

You learn from mistakes & life experiences, 

Step ten 

Dare 2 Dream & follow every step  above. 


2 thoughts on “Trying to make the dream work 

  1. Great tips. Love following your heart and letting your mind follow….my problem is… my heart and my mind are always conflicting. My heart wants something, then my mind goes, “no, you need something more practical!”

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