First blog post

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UNFILTERED What is seen from the outside is not always what it is made out to be. Sometimes the inside can be amazing, Sometimes not . Sometimes it can be so filtered from the outside to make you see what they want to see . Less is more and more is less . So show […]

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Thinking of the thoughts

I think I rethink I don’t think and then I think about thinking and think about the thoughts I just thought about ! I am pretty sure this is overthinking ! I pick a situation and pick the worse case of it ! Even if it never happens. To be fair I have my reasons […]

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Living for mistakes 

Without doubt we all make mistakes . It can be little or small , hardly noticeable or a big mess ! Ever hear of “ learn from your mistakes “ .  To me mistakes are a way of living .  A mistake is something that’s done without a plan of intention behind . Sometimes mistakes happen […]

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Monday feeling 

Monday feeling anyone ?  So I’m the type of person that stays up late cause I’ve no work the following morning — meaning I get no lie on ever ! Not when you have a new toddler in the house .  The only “me time “ is after hours ! That consists of me falling […]

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New baby hospital list 

So your due your new bundle of joy. Can’t wait to meet them . But what do you bring with you the hospital .  What size do you get when the midwife / doctor cannot give you even an estimate guess on weight.  How do you know if your baby’s going to come early or […]

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